About The Harrison Art Gallery
  • Linda Browning Jordan
  • (208) 819-7630
  • 200 South Coeur d'Alene Ave Harrison, Idaho
  • 208jordan@gmail.com
  • Open May 1st 2016 Thurs - Sun 10:30am - 5pm

    June Wed - Sun 10:30am - 5pm

    July - Sept Mon - Sun 10:30am - 5pm

    Oct Thur - Sun 10:30am - 5pm

    Close Oct 8th 2016

  A fine art gallery in beautiful Harrison, Idaho. Known proudly as a must see lakeside shopping destination. Original paintings, glass and metal work, hand crafted jewelry, fossils and much more are just a few samples of what our Northwest artists create.

Featured Artists


Gourds painted freehand in acrylic and metallic colors, then all of the dark detail on the gourds are burned in. Brian completes his artwork by decorating each piece with beads, leather and other natural material before giving the gourd a clear finish to protect it. Each one is distinctive and completely crafted by hand, then given a name which is engraved into the back.

JULY 16TH DAVE GRESSARDView His Website By Clicking Here

Dave Gressard art is the result of his appreciation and fascination for animals and the environment which surrounds them. Dave finds inspiration in the small things, whether it’s an American Kestrel hovering over a country road or an Anna’s humming bird basking on a mossy branch in the morning sunlight, each are opportunities to capture the world’s natural beauty. Whenever Dave is spending time in the outdoors, you can be sure he will be drawn to a twisted branch or some small annual flowers that he will dutifully preserve and bring home to use as reference in his work. The simplest things can become the final detail to complete a painting. His studio is full of items that have been or will be part of one of his paintings.

JULY 23rd DEBBIE HUGHBANKSView Her Website By Clicking Here

Debbie Hughbanks is a professional artist specializing in wildlife, equine & domestic animal paintings, as well as figurative and western themed pieces. Painting mostly in postel or acrylic she still finds time to explore other avenues including mixed media.


Originally from San Diego, CA Judy has been involved in art since childhood, painting in oil and pastel. She is predominantly self-taught, but has greatly appreciated the influence of well-known artists who have shared their talents through many workshops. Pastels are a joy to work with because of their versatility,